What if God…

What if the God we believe in,

or reject,

is not the all powerful

who turns from love

to vengeance,

but is the most delicate


What if God is the

the lightest butterfly?

Not the weight of the universe

but the wisp

that’s needed

to balance the universe

on the breath of her wings?

What if God depends on us

to preserve the space

for that breath?

To protect her

from the turbulence of our

wheeler-dealing prayers?

What if the gossamer

is worn ever finer,

the wisp ever lighter,

when we call upon her

to slaughter our enemies?

What if the power of God


when we are still

and listening

and alert?

So that, in that watchful


the world can

come to rest.

What if our sacred duty is

to be God’s haven?

Would we still

drill the hearts

of our enemies,

bomb the cities

of the unbelievers

or clamour to be the chosen?

Or would we stop:

in case the din

toppled the beloved?

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