Coaching and Consulting

“Successful top leaders, learn, at a very early age, to assume that they have a balanced power relationship with their world; that they can partner and “do business” with it.”

Using our thoroughly researched and applied model of the Navigational Stance, we:

Assess candidates for c-level posts to enable employers to understand how these potential appointees will use their power and authority once in office

Evaluate current leaders’ Partnering or Opposition Stance and its potential impact on the organization

Coach-mentor to help current and potential leaders develop an appropriately Partnering Stance to benefit the organisation

Evaluate and develop organisational and institutional cultures to align with and empower their strategies.

“The culture of an organization must be totally aligned with its strategic outcomes, otherwise both culture and strategy will eventually fail.”

At the organizational level we work with top leadership to identify, develop and maintain the corporate culture that is the best fit with its strategy and therefore maximises the possibility of its success.