Stephen Barden

Dr Stephen Barden (DProf) is a coach-mentor and author specialising in identifying, assessing and developing top level leaders and organizational cultures.


He turned to coach-mentoring after 15 years in senior management including  ten years as CEO in the media and technology sectors.

Developing Partnering Leaders and Cultures

At the individual and team level, we help leaders develop and maintain skills, behaviours and values to ensure the sustainable success of both their organizations and themselves.


How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World

By Stephen Barden

In this rigorously researched book, Stephen Barden presents compelling evidence that top leaders learn from a very early age to 'do business with the world' by using their power and authority to partner with it, rather than impose themselves on it. Based on interviews with the military, corporate and educational leaders, How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World offers powerful insight into how these findings can be applied in practice.


Using the model of the Navigational Stance, we assess candidate leaders to enable potential employers to discover how c-level recruits will use their power once in office.


The Power Of Balance

Let's Talk About Power

We have been sold a myth: that good, successful leaders are fiercely competitive battlers. The aggressive combative leaders we have been taught to admire actually hold a deep seated anxiety that they and their world have a profoundly unbalanced power relationship. That their world is an actual or potential threat. Drawing from his book “How successful leaders do business with their world”, as well as conversations with top leaders, author and coach-mentor Stephen Barden argues that truly successful leaders, those who act on behalf of their entire constituencies, have learned that they and their worlds are partners with a manageable power balance. That their power lies in that balance. 

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Stephen Barden is available to speak about :

  1. His book, How Successful leaders do business with their world
  2. His model of The Navigational Stance,
  3. His work and practice
  4. The Myths of Leadership

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“When you hear someone – or you – talking about who is right, their primary concern is about power. When they  talk about what is right, then you’re

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